The activity of Arevahovit is anchored to the large-scale work carried out within the framework of the "National Open Project" initiated by "Kenats Toun" public cultural organization, which has been successfully operating since 1997.

"Kenats Toun" cultural company has been operating at 38 Pushkin Street for many years. Now it carries on its activities at the office of Arevahovit, on the first floor of 49 Hanrapetutyan Street.

Kenats Toun (registered on 04.04.1997, registration number: 13/2-5) is a public, non-governmental organization that unites artists, scientists, educators, artisans (craftsmen) and others. It, accepting the world as one home, with peaceful coexistence of nations and highlighting the world culture and its underlying national culture, strives to raise the spiritual, conscious and material level of society, to strengthen the family and national psychology, to contribute to the introduction of new teaching methods in pedagogy and educational institutions, to support the spiritual and physical health of society, particularly women, children and young people, as well as raising the level of environmental knowledge through the organization of training programs, centers of various orientations, creation of works, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, galas and publishing.


The organization implements its programs through the following subdepartments called halls:

1. Hall of spiritual and natural knowledge.

2. Arts hall

3. Crafts hall

4. Hall of management and cooperation

5. Hall of ceremonies and travel

6. Hall of health science and physical education

Membership Types

1. Full member of the house

2. Relative of the house

3. Friend of the house

4. Neighbor of the house