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Frequently Asked Questions

We are trying to make more accessible the ideology and doings around which it is
necessary to unite.

What is Arevahovit?

Arevahovit is an Armenian Value System Unity (AVSU platform), the main goals of
which are to formulate the description of the Armenian identity and its
contemporary image, to reveal and widely present to the Armenians of Armenia and
abroad countries the best Armenian values, garnered for centuries on a spiritual,
intellectual and material level, to restore the important stages of the Armenian
culture, considering them from the viewpoint of spiritual holistic knowledge,
correcting, clearing them of widespread distorted standpoints and opinions, to
achieve an essential reform of the education system, to instill the necessity of
virtuous behavior and the rule of law in the public consciousness, perceiving all this
as a guarantee of becoming established as a society.
The users are all those people who share the ideology of the platform, want to
participate, as well as promote the accomplishment of the principal objectives.

You need to sign up, log in and create a personal account. You can also just get
acquainted with the activities, participate in events, educational programs, and also
offer an option of your own involvement if you have the appropriate professional
qualifications. It’s also possible to make a donation. The platform is complimentary.

Yes, it does. It is required to log on to your personal account and type the user's
name into the search bar.

Let’s start together

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