Dear compatriots!

We are all acutely aware of the drawbacks made in our country in the last thirty years, especially the woeful realities of 2020. There have been omissions in almost all spheres of our life since the establishment of the Third Independent Republic of Armenia. Let's face it, each of us shares the blame for this. By displaying aloofness and not participating sufficiently in public control, we all have conduced to the decline of the Armenian people’s moral values, and to the dissipation of national wealth, which have been formed over the centuries. Nevertheless, the key to resolving contentious issues of national progress is not completely lost. Considering the creation of a developed and strong state as a priority and sacred duty of all of us, we believe that in the event of elaborating a common value system and bringing it to life, the sagacious forces of the society will be able to bring the country and the public out of the fateful situation. Moreover, the foundations of this system must be anchored on the conscious perception of national identity, consolidation, forgotten spiritual and cultural education. It’s time to ensure the security of our national identity and statehood by virtue of the unification of all elements of the nation around the Armenian value system. Grasping the crucial importance of solving these problems, the platform of "Arevahovit" Armenian Value System Unity (AVSU platform) was created, the main goals of which are:

- To formulate the description of the Armenian identity and its contemporary image, contributing to the sustainable development of the individual, family, society, state, the consolidation of the national potential, the establishment of a balanced lifestyle of the Armenians.

- To reveal and widely present to the Armenians of Armenia and abroad countries the best Armenian values, garnered for centuries on a spiritual, intellectual and material level, bringing them into line with modern developments and requirements.

- To restore the important stages of the Armenian culture, considering them from the viewpoint of spiritual holistic knowledge, correcting, clearing them of widespread distorted standpoints and opinions, to achieve an essential reform of the education system, to instill the necessity of virtuous behavior and the rule of law in the public consciousness, perceiving all this as a guarantee of becoming established as a society.

The spheres and directions of Arevahovit’s activity are: the spiritual, intellectual and material culture, the spiritual-cultural, scientific-educational system, socio- economic and public life, homeland-abroad cultural and business new ties. The activity of Arevahovit is based on the work done by "Kenats Toun" cultural non- governmental organization (NGO) and the "National Open Project" initiative, which have been operating successfully for years. We are convinced that the way out of the current situation depends not only on individuals, but also on wholehearted devotion and perception of the need of all Armenians to unite around the aforementioned ideas. Arevahovit is the first practical step on the way to the realization of this cherished idea, with the real and active participation of the conscious members of the homeland Armenians and the Armenians living outside Armenia. We are sure that due to stable and consistent work we will be able to achieve our goals. We expect the local Armenians and the Armenians residing abroad to zealously participate in the activities of Arevahovit.