Armenia Value System Unity

The main goals are to formulate the description of the Armenian identity, its modern image
to reveal the Armenians of Armenia and abroad who represent
the best stored Armenian values.

Necessity for Establishment

The current unstable and frangible state of Armenia, the tense internal political environment and the surmounting of the tragic consequences of the war require the urgent unification of all intellectual potential, resources, opportunities and coordination of actions of Armenia and Armenians abroad. The escalated internal dissension, the manifestations of distrust, the motley mosaic of the influence of external forces and the indecision in major issues of public administration complicate the situation even more, seriously jeopardizing the present and future of the Armenian people and Armenia. The reason for the decline recorded since the declaration of independence and the current calamitous situation was chiefly the distortion of the best Armenian traditions, the educational and spiritual-cultural value system and the lack of the value system axis. The absence of a value system has practically destroyed and eviscerated all spheres of Armenian life, involving state thinking and state administration, foreign policy, the army, science, educational and healthcare systems, etc. In the current situation, it’s become urgent to form an agenda for cooperation and prompt response between Armenia and Armenians abroad, to combine and target political, scientific, economic, professional and other resources.


In order to get out of the current precarious and explosive situation, “Arevahovit” proposes to form a fundamental and long-term agenda by combining all Armenian robust forces. All the professional and other resources of "Arevahovit" are aimed at contributing to the prospective solution of the spiritual-cultural development of Armenians, grounded on the principles of restoration, dissemination of the historically formed, but currently forgotten national value system and the perception of a new image of a human. This is an extremely necessary step from the standpoint of preserving the Armenian identity, the Armenian statehood and building the future, and is aimed at supporting the development of the political, economic and other spheres of Armenia. Unfortunately, we have dangerously regressed in this respect. "Arevahovit" will also be engaged in re-evaluation of the key issues of Armenia and Armenians abroad, encouragement of cooperation based on spiritual-cultural norms and heightened public awareness. The AVSU platform also attaches importance to cooperation with international centers for Armenian Studies (Armenology), which will be on the basis of the exchange of research results and their consolidation around the same science-based pivot.

Principles of Activity

"Arevahovit" will act on a supra-party and supra-group basis, not paying tribute to vested interests, for the sake of the establishment and empowerment of the Armenian statehood, the formation of a united national community, and the restoration of the spiritual and cultural value system of the Armenian people. This is a platform that will be provided to individuals, organizations and groups who are concerned about the future of Armenia, the problems of Armenians abroad, spiritual and cultural development, and are able and willing to support within their capabilities, to simply speak freely, discuss, give assessments about the situation and, most importantly, offer and implement joint solutions, lobby and take other steps of support. With the expansion of activities and the gradual increase in activeness, "Arevahovit" will turn into a much-needed nationwide center for research, systemic reforms and practical cooperation. "Arevahovit" will have a diverse format and multiple functions. Thematic conferences, discussions of working groups, seminars, meetings with representatives of all the forces that are concerned about the future of our country and all Armenians, will be organized on the platform. Distance ZOOM, video/audio and other modern technical facilities will be actively used. The main working environment of "Arevahovit" activity will be the specialized website created for this purpose (communication center - Hub), which will involve news, messages, videos, important research results, new business partnerships, proposals, their implementation process, a publicly accessible library for the creation and storage of documents and important materials related to legal regulation. It will also serve as a platform for generating new ideas, making acquaintances, propagating and implementing ideas, and preventing mistakes.

Our priorities are:

Revealing, elucidating and publicizing the full picture of the Armenian identity and cultural image.

Promulgation of the value system model of changing the moral and psychological atmosphere and promoting the formation of a united and active new society of all Armenians on different platforms.

Juxtaposition of old and newfound Armenological data, organization of professional discussions, conferences, etc. around them, publication and dissemination of various materials.

Developing novel cultural, scientific and educational concepts, laying the foundations for the adoption of the relevant legislative environment.

Creating opportunities for Diaspora-Homeland new quality business connections and spurring entrepreneurship with expanding capacities.

Main Sections


Vano Dadoyan

The national spiritual culture is based on the sacred tradition and deep mystical knowledge, which are reflected in various cultural layers and include all divine and human reality. Along with the sustainable development of the individual and society, especially after great discoveries of historical significance, there is a need to reveal, illuminate and disseminate new layers of this knowledge. And only by virtue of a systematic approach and a fundamental study of the entire cultural heritage, it’s possible to correctly present the holistic picture of cultural realities at the individual and public levels. Under the circumstances, in this regard, our nation has had a gap of about four hundred years, losing the highest spiritual educational centers...

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